Sunday, 17 June 2007

Favourite Food - Salmon and Prawns

Sorry Aidan, I'm doing it again... Over the summer holidays I promise Little will do some posting of his own (with a tiny amount of help, he does need to practice spelling).

Salmon and prawns need to feature on our weekly menu, preferrably together but are accepted on their own.

When we're bbq'g it's really easy for the boys to prepare kebabs and their favourite kebabs are salmon and prawn.

We allow 1 salmon fillet per person, cut into cubes (of approx 2cm)
1 packet of uncooked king prawns

Put the cubed salmon in one bowl and the prawns in another. We have large kebabs so one fillet cubed like this will fill a skewer with prawns.

Small is too young to be putting things on skewers so he helps by handing pieces to Little. Little is more than capable, however he does always have to make sure that everything is even and that it all goes on in the right order, often giving orders if he's handed the wrong thing.

As the kebabs are for adults and children we tend to cook them for a little longer. About 6-8 minutes. They could just as easily be done under the grill.

Until your children are old enough I don't think you should let them do the hot bits. It's not worth the risk. I think you have to judge it very carefully when you do start allowing them to do this. I think Little could do some of it now but I'm just too neurotic and there's plenty of time for him to do the hot bits. Besides there's still plenty to learn from cold things and preparing food to be cooked. He helped prepare a beautiful Greek(ish) Salad for lunch today and was pleased that we all tucked in, eating it all.