Wednesday, 26 September 2007

We made sushi

We're learning about Japan this week at home and we tried making Sushi. I think sushi is okay sometimes but I didn't really like the taste of ours.. The seaweed wrapper tasted like swallowing sea water by mistake. We used crabsticks which we hadn't had before and they don't really taste like crab, but they were okay. We also had smoked salmon but we asked if we could just eat that and not make it into sushi. We've had some really tasty noodle and rice dishes and we're hopefully going to a Wagamama restaurant later in the week.

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Angelica said...

Your sushi looks really great!
Looks like you got the hand of rolling them with the bamboo mat really well too. Sometimes it helps with the seaweed flavor if you roll it so the rice is on the outside of the roll. That way you taste the rice first instead of the seaweed.