Wednesday, 26 September 2007

We made sushi

We're learning about Japan this week at home and we tried making Sushi. I think sushi is okay sometimes but I didn't really like the taste of ours.. The seaweed wrapper tasted like swallowing sea water by mistake. We used crabsticks which we hadn't had before and they don't really taste like crab, but they were okay. We also had smoked salmon but we asked if we could just eat that and not make it into sushi. We've had some really tasty noodle and rice dishes and we're hopefully going to a Wagamama restaurant later in the week.

Monday, 3 September 2007

End of the summer holidays...

Some of our favourite things from our Summer Holidays..... we went to France and Spain.

Baby Octopus in Spain

Baby Octopus in delicious tomato sauce


Prawns devoured in France and Spain

Birthday Cake

This was a lake in France and we were the only people here. We loved it and were having fun with some of our friends from England who we stayed with for one night, but then a lifeguard came and said that we had to get out of the water and have a shower as the lake was contaminated. Mummy keeps checking to see if we are growing more heads but we aren't!

We both had birthdays, mine was in France at my cousin's house.

We now have a really cool tree house in the garden and we really love eating lunch in it.

At the start of the holidays we went to Disneyland Paris as Daddy had some filming to do there. It was great fun and my favourite ride was Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan.

Oh and we also went to the fish museum and fish auction in St Feliu de Guixols. That was brilliant!

I had a list of things I wanted to eat on holiday and I was lucky to eat everything on the list. Some things I ate a lot of times. My little brother also ate everything which pleased the olds because sometimes he wont try things.

My holiday food list
Jamon Serrano
Prawns (lots and lots of them)
Octopus, especially baby octopus

Thank you to our hero, Chef Aidan who mentioned us for Blog Day.

School tomorrow... Mama says we can help to make packed lunches from now on. Sometimes I call Mummy Mama which means Mummy in Spanish, I think she likes it when we speak Spanish. Daddy got us to speak Spanish a lot more on holiday and says it's important that we learn. He also got us to say some French words when we were in France.

Our most favourite thing about the Summer holidays.... going on holiday to different places!